Although the primary focus of IGNITE is future-proofing member infrastructure, sometimes situations arise where IGNITE can help a member fix systems or mechanical process flow. As we all know one of the greatest needs we have as humans is blood in the event of an emergency.  Blood cannot be created or fabricated, it must be donated. With all the challenges of acquiring enough blood, losing any of it from mechanical processing failures must be avoided.

As a part of the ASPIRE Initiative, IGNITE continued its collaboration with ADRA to create The MAPLE Project to work with the youth at Wiikwemkoong.  MAPLE stands for Motivating and Promoting Lifelong Enrichment which is exactly what the project endeavors to do for Canadian First Nation youth.  As the project grows, the IGNITE Team will continue to post updates on the exciting story’s surrounding this project.  If you would like to get involved and/or help, please visit the ADRA website.


For more information on the IGNITE ASPIRE Initiative,  contact us by phone or email.