Donated Blood Saved

Although the primary focus of IGNITE is future-proofing member infrastructure, sometimes situations arise where IGNITE can help a member fix systems or mechanical process flow. As we all know one of the greatest needs we have as humans is blood in the event of an emergency.  Blood cannot be created or fabricated, it must be donated. With all the challenges of acquiring enough blood, losing any of it from mechanical processing failures must be avoided.

A blood donation facility was experiencing small unnoticeable power interruptions which would stop the blood equipment while it was processing, rendering the blood unusable.  The challenge persisted for years until IGNITE found a solution. Although the solution was simple, it prevented thousands of liters of blood from being disposed every year.  As it is the mandate to serve its members, IGNITE does so by providing services to its members. When a member presents a seemingly complex infrastructure problem to the IGNITE Team, IGNITE calls on its vast global resources to find the best solution.


“Constraint inspires creativity”

― Biz Stone, Things a Little Bird Told Me: Confessions of the Creative Mind