Secret 3 – Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate

The successful long-term launch and management of assets includes an overwhelming number of choices and issues to address. To properly manage these assets, decision-making project teams (Project Teams) need to be selected, and designated champions (Asset Champions) need to direct these teams. Through a process of collaboration, this team should develop an infrastructure plan for each asset. To encourage effective management and to ensure the infrastructure plan remains on track, the champion needs to direct the project team to separate complex plans into many “bite-sized” components and attain a forward-moving consensus at each meeting through a process of collaboration amongst a cross-section of stakeholders. The champion should always direct these meetings in an unbiased manner.


Project Team Meeting

By adopting this collaborative and “bite-sized” strategy, the Project Team focuses on developing a short-term manageable action plan under the direction of the Asset Champion. As it is the duty of the Asset Champion to remain neutral and unbiased, the Champion neither approves nor disapproves Project Team choices. Rather, the main duty of the Champion is to encourage a dialogue between stakeholders and to ensure no one leaves the meeting without a short-term action plan to execute prior to the next meeting.  Through this collaborative, “bite-sized” approach, the Asset Champion can guide the team project through a series of meetings to successfully launch and manage these complex initiatives.

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