Future-Proofing Streetlighting

A recent member project included the complete retrofit of the community’s 320 streetlights. When IGNITE Teams design infrastructure solutions, they always plan well beyond the construction stage, often for the full useful life of the asset. To future-proof this project, our team felt it was important for these streetlights to fit the needs of the community well beyond their installation.

As the proposed lighting retrofit included an LED solution, the team felt it should research the pros and cons of LED streetlights. The team found much research on how LED streetlights were too bright or harsh on a driver’s eyes.  It also found other discussions about the effects of very bright, almost blue-colored street lights and their effect on the circadian system of humans and animals disrupting their sleep patterns.  After digesting all this research, the IGNITE Team proposed the community consider using a warmer, less harsh colour for all its streetlights. The member agreed and opted for the warmer colour.

Often the simplest solution is the easiest one.  The IGNITE team prides itself in finding the right answers to the most challenging situations. It believes there is always an answer, even if its as simple as ordering a different colour for a lighting fixture to ensure local residents can sleep at night.

“As soon as you open your mind to doing things differently, the doors of opportunity practically fly off their hinges.”

― Jay Abraham, The Sticking Point Solution