Secret 4 – Focus on Sustainability and Risk Mitigation

Planning for the long-term is a relatively new concept for many public sector organizations. During the last several decades, various groups have promoted its importance to organizations of all sizes. Although it is encouraging public sector organizations are becoming aware of the need for long-term planning for infrastructure, to ensure the truly, long-term success of an infrastructure plan, the Asset Champion must direct the Project Team to focus on sustainability and risk mitigation at each phase of the asset’s useful life.


For an infrastructure asset to be truly sustainable, it must provide significant energy, economic environmental, and educational benefits to all stakeholders associated with the asset. Sustainability goals need to be defined by the Project Team under the guidance of the Asset Champion early in the infrastructure planning process. The Asset Champion assists the Project Team to adopt and ultimately satisfy the agreed upon sustainability goals through the implementation of the organization’s infrastructure plan. Part of a sustainable asset plan must also include budgets which are predictable, affordable, and planned years in advance.

Risk Mitigation

Managing infrastructure assets involves significant risk. To ensure the success of an infrastructure plan, the Project Team must focus on managing or mitigating as much of this risk as possible. The Project Team under the direction of the Asset Champion must develop a risk mitigation strategy for all stages of the useful life of an asset. To ensure the effectiveness of a risk mitigation strategy, asset risk must continually be monitored and assessed.

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