Manufacturer Flexibility: Key to Project Success

Imagine custom lights at no extra cost! Every infrastructure project has its unique challenges, which creates an opportunity for either a great story or a horror story.  One of our members was planning a lighting retrofit in their main administration building when it realized they had a problem. The member wanted completely new fixtures for the entire building, but if it replaced all the light fixtures with new ones and the new fixtures happened to be smaller than the former fixtures, then it would require painting the ceiling in nearly a hundred rooms.

Naturally the IGNITE team jumped in to find a solution.  As IGNITE views its contractors, vendors, and manufacturers as important participants in completing an infrastructure project, it collaborated with its lighting sources to find a fixture that would eliminate the need to paint. No fixture could be found that would cover the same area from anywhere across the globe, so IGNITE reached out to one of its manufacturer Resource Members to ask a favour.  The favour was to build a custom fixture and get it UL certified and DLC listed, which was no small cost or expense.  The Resource Member agreed to help and even delivered the fixture at virtually the same cost as the previously quoted units.  A special thanks from IGNITE to BJ Take Inc. for going the extra mile.

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.”

― Elon Musk