Couldn’t Get Anyone to Bid!

Prior to working with IGNITE, a member could not find a solution for its HVAC equipment at one of its facilities, which was in desperate need of replacement. They reached out to several vendors, including the manufacturer of its existing equipment, and no one would provide pricing or show any interest in the project.

Once this public sector organization became a member, it asked IGNITE to work closely with them to solve this problem. IGNITE, in collaboration with the member, managed all aspects of procurement for new equipment, and it also secured contractors to install the equipment.  It had all the equipment delivered and installed. Throughout, IGNITE was in constant communication with the member to ensure complete transparency and to ensure the member was included in all pertinent decision-making.

Besides procurement, IGNITE helped the member secure funding for the project, created and managed the project budget, and kept up-to-date project accounting. This is an example of the type of service public sector organizations are eligible to receive as members of the IGNITE Infrastructure Association.


“The primary focus of IGNITE is to serve its membership by delivering

attractive privileges which facilitate infrastructure renewal.”