Addressing Staffing Challenges for Infrastructure Projects

Need more help?  All organizations regardless of size ever have enough staffing resources to get everything done when it needs to be done.  Projects seem to almost magically appear at the worst of times causing other things to be pushed back creating a culture of always playing catch up.


One of the many privileges of IGNITE membership is instant access to experienced project personnel without the standard challenges of a temp agency.  For example, imagine something significant in your building just broke and everyone is counting on getting it resolved immediately.  Policy dictates a lengthy tendering process and project management that will consume hours that your department does not have.  As an IGNITE member you can pass all this off to an IGNITE team to address. IGNITE has processes and project models available for every scenario.  IGNITE will adhere to the unique constraints, policies, regulations, and bylaws of your public sector organization and complete the project on time and on budget.  If this sounds like music to your ears why not contact us now to find out how you can get some of your time back.


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― Heather Simmons