Safeguarding our Water Supply

As it is IGNITE’s mandate to serve its members, it often does so by providing solutions members require.  Sometimes situations arise where IGNITE can help a member fix mechanical process flow or simply find a solution to a complex infrastructure problem. IGNITE is often approached by an organization with a seemingly unsolvable challenge. Alternatively, the challenge may appear impossible because of high costs.

For example, the IGNITE Team was approached by an organization with a large facility right next to a body of water.  The organization needed to create a processing field to address the black water generated by 300 people, but with its proximity to the water it did not seem possible. The IGNITE Team approached one of its Resource Members which services the oil industry.  With some basic design changes to technology it used in the oil sector, the Resource Member provided a system that would filter the black water enough to irrigate the lawns and flower gardens around the facility.  Then IGNITE found an elegant solution to manage the solids that were generated as a byproduct.  These solids were used to provide heat for the facility hot water requirement, including its domestic water supply as well as boiler systems.


By bringing the best minds together, IGNITE provides elegant solutions which create win-win results for its members. For this member, IGNITE was able to prevent black water from harming the nearby body of water, and at the same time use the byproduct of the black water processing to generate heat for its facility, which created a cost saving to the facility. IGNITE members have access to unique solutions from around the globe that solve age old costly problems and create new opportunities for the future.


“Thinking outside of the box keeps you from suffocating inside of one.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo