Future-Proofing the Next Generation

Although the primary focus of IGNITE is future-proofing member infrastructure, sometimes situations arise where IGNITE can also help future-proof the member’s social infrastructure.

When the IGNITE team began working with First Nations, it noticed the many challenges these communities face.  One of the greatest challenges was the educational disadvantage confronting the children.  The team believed it should develop a program that would make a difference in the children’s lives.  From this, ASPIRE was born.


For a nonprofit to work in an area that charities usually work, IGNITE, a nonprofit, would need a partner charity. It reached out to ADRA, a global relief agency, for help.  Working together as a team, they created a program called the ASPIRE INITIATIVE for First Nation youth that will begin to make a difference.  Working closely with the First Nation and ADRA Canada, the goal of the IGNITE ASPIRE Initiative is to bring sustainable change to Canadian First Nations by addressing a variety of humanitarian issues. If you would like to help and/or support this program, please visit ADRA to learn more.


“Thinking outside of the box keeps you from suffocating inside of one.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo