ASPIRE Initiative


Although the primary purpose of the IGNITE Infrastructure Association is public infrastructure, the IGNITE Association often acts as the catalyst for change where a community’s social infrastructure needs improvement.


What is the ASPIRE Initiative?

Working closely with the First Nation and ADRA Canada, the goal of the IGNITE ASPIRE Initiative is to bring sustainable change to Canadian First Nations by addressing a variety of humanitarian issues.


How did the ASPIRE Initiative begin?

In early 2016, IGNITE staff observed a significant need surrounding several humanitarian issues at its First Nation members.  As fostering sustainable improvement to a community’s infrastructure is a key part of IGNITE’s mission, the founders at IGNITE felt addressing humanitarian issues would complement the core activities of the IGNITE Sustainable Communities Program. From this early dialogue, the ASPIRE Initiative was created.


Ensuring Success

To ensure ASPIRE’s success, IGNITE approached ADRA Canada for assistance. ADRA Canada agreed to partner with IGNITE in implementing a specially-made ASPIRE program initially for its first, First Nation member. In January 2017, the program was approved by the member and IGNITE formalized its relationship with ADRA. IGNITE has no previous involvement in humanitarian response activity.

ADRA Canada

ADRA Canada has been implementing relief and development projects since 1985 and will bring many years of experience in implementing relief projects. In December 2016, ADRA Canada successfully partnered with the Alberta Government and the Fort McMurray church to respond to the Wild Fires in Fort McMurray. The two projects included receiving, sorting, and transporting donated items at the Alberta Wildfire Donation Centre and then the distribution of the donated goods, provision of Psychosocial support, and help with the repair and clean-up of homes at the Fort McMurray SDA Church. Lessons learned from the Fort McMurray project will be applied to the Aspire Initiative such as ensuring the roles and expectations of Partners are clearly laid out. ADRA Canada will work with IGNITE to ensure the program results are achieved, as well as monitoring and evaluation throughout the project.


For more information on the IGNITE ASPIRE Initiative, contact IGNITE by phone or email.




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