MAPLE Project


An Overview

Working in partnership with a First Nation IGNITE member, IGNITE created the MAPLE Project (MAPLE means Motivating and Promoting Lifelong Enrichment), which aims to bring sustainable change to the lives of 880 Canadian First Nation children, youth, and young adults (435 girls, 445 boys) in Wiikwemkoong by improving mental health and building their capacity. Donations to the MAPLE Project will provide First Nation community organizations that serve youth with tools that will help youth succeed.

Examples include:

  • Three schools will receive gym equipment
  • Youth centre will receive sporting equipment
  • Last year, the community sports centre received hockey equipment

The MAPLE Program will invest in the long-term potential of First Nations youth through community development initiatives targeting food security, education, recreational opportunities, and providing hope. MAPLE will promote an environment of sustainable, positive change in the lives of First Nations youth through providing the resources to community-based youth programs that assist in providing opportunity or mitigating mental health issues.


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