As part of the MAPLE project, ADRA committed to providing financial support to the Wiikwemkoong Outdoor Adventure Leadership Experience (OALE). OALE is an intensive youth leadership preparation program designed to promote culture and community, and help youth develop resilience and well-being as protective factors for their personal growth and development.

Life Is Like A Canoe Trip from ADRA Canada

Through a ten-day, 140 kilometer canoe trip, youth learn valuable life skills such as leadership, perseverance, and the ability to work together. In the summer of 2017, the program was in dire need of specialized outdoor expedition equipment to accommodate the rough terrain of Northern Ontario. Through its charitable network, ADRA arranged and then donated a significant amount of money toward the purchase of canoes, tents, and other outdoor equipment.

Team members from ADRA not only donated money, they also donated time. An ADRA team member went on one of the canoe trips with the youth and created an amazing 30 minute video of the experience. The IGNITE Team wishes to thank ADRA for its commitment to the MAPLE Project and particularly for its generosity of time and money toward the OALE Program.

ADRA Canoe Trip on Vimeo

Rarely does an opportunity present itself that can positively change the way the world operates.   IGNITE now has an opportunity to do just that. For over 100 years, every construction project has used 110 to 347 volts to power its lighting switches, which in turn powers lights.  Certain levels of voltage can be dangerous.  To an untrained individual, a seemingly simple task of changing a light bulb can result in an accident.

As with many things, there is often a better way, and this is one of them.  With the advent of LED lighting, higher voltages can be exchanged for much lower and safer voltage levels.  LED lighting systems can be designed for 24 volts.  This voltage level is safer because it mitigates the danger of electrical shock. Lower voltage also requires lighter wire. Going to lighter wire saves resources and lowers cost for lighting installation by as much as 50%.

The world has not yet adopted this lower voltage opportunity, but the IGNITE Team has an opportunity to design and implement such a project in a new apartment complex. As it has with other infrastructure initiatives, IGNITE is creating a New Way Forward for lighting in the 21st century.

“Those who disrupt their industries change consumer behavior, alter economics,

and transform lives.”

― Heather Simmons

One of our member projects included reducing the electricity consumption in the local community arena.  As we collaborated with the project team, they told us it was also important to fix any electrical issues as we encountered them.


It’s always exciting when one of our members gets a great win, and the Arena project was a great win for the community. The Arena got amazing new lights for the entire building. This lighting retrofit reduced the annual power cost attributed to lighting by nearly 70%. By working closely with the electrical contractor and the project team, we vastly improved the lighting quality throughout, but particularly over the bleachers and ice pad.  After the lighting change, there were areas of the ice pad with at least twice as much light quality, which virtually eliminated previously dimly lit areas on the ice surface. We also worked closely with the electrical contractor to fix a few nagging electrical issues. All this was done with a neutral impact to the member’s operating budget. Feedback from the community has been very positive.


Taking control of aging infrastructure is a challenge for any organization. What IGNITE offers its members is a means of simplifying the process to address the present issues affecting public sector infrastructure.  IGNITE provides access to all the resources required to not only get the job done presently but to future-proof the asset by ensuring the long-term operating costs are considered for every aspect of the project.


“As soon as you open your mind to doing things differently, the doors of opportunity practically fly off their hinges.”

― Jay Abraham, The Sticking Point Solution

The IGNITE Sustainable Communities Program is a well-designed series of risk mitigation processes that manages or eliminates many of the traditional risks associated with acquiring the use of an infrastructure asset. When designing the IGNITE PROGRAM, standards and risk mitigation procedures were developed for all stages.

As part of IGNITE’s mandate to serve its members, it commits to providing solutions with an “On Budget, On Time, No Risk” strategy. “On budget” is a strategy to keep within the budget of the infrastructure asset plan at all stages of its useful life. “On time” means any project activity is performed within the agreed upon time frame. “No risk” is a strategy of eliminating as much risk as possible for all stages of the infrastructure asset plan.

To ensure budget sustainability for the useful life of the member asset plan, IGNITE expects a vendor to satisfy the following strict criteria:

  • Match its product warranty length to the term of the member plan
  • Provide operational service, maintenance, and warranty service for the full duration of the member plan.
  • Price its product to include this level of service and warranty support. These prices are expected to be significantly lower than what the member could negotiate by itself.
  • Sign a vendor agreement to meet a minimum product performance standard on an ongoing basis for the duration of the member plan.

Vendors are continually reviewed by IGNITE for product performance and there may be situations where a product and a vendor could be removed from the PROGRAM due to under performance.

“I Do Not Trust You” Insurance

Despite all the proceeding, IGNITE designed one additional fail-safe feature, which it jokingly refers as the “I Do Not Trust You” insurance, to ensure the member plan would not be adversely affected by vendor non-compliance with its agreement with IGNITE.  To ensure profitability would not be harmed or materially interrupted by vendor non-compliance with its Vendor Agreement, the insurance covers the steps to ensure all service levels are maintained.  This insurance effectively moves the risk from within the IGNITE PROGRAM and sends it outside IGNITE to the insurance company.  The insurance company, in turn, pursues the vendor outside of the IGNITE PROGRAM, so there is no interruption to the member plan. This is done behind the scenes and the member is not even aware of it occurring.

To learn more about these risk mitigation strategies, contact IGNITE.

“As soon as you open your mind to doing things differently, the doors of opportunity practically fly off their hinges.”

― Jay Abraham, The Sticking Point Solution