A countries education system is the most important element of society which needs to be protected and continually evolved. A countries growth and evolution revolves around its future leaders which are all being educated today. The quality of this educational system will determine the quality of future leaders.

Unfortunately academic budgets are continually under strain often causing a negative effect on educational programs which in turn risks the future of a society. The IGNITE Program was developed to focus on the budget strains which could be addressed without a negative impact on budgets, salaries or programs. Strategically creating change where change can be made simply, effectively and immediately without delay.

Schools Boards – of all types need to deal with infrastructure deficiency regularly as they need to decide between reducing programs for students or deferring building maintaince requirements. Considering that these choices should never need to be considered by any school board. No board member should ever be required to vote to reduce programs for its students because of needing to make a choice between asset management and education. For this specific reason IGNITE has created a model which allows the type of choice to become a thing of the past allowing education to again become a priority of a community.

Colleges and Universities – are in a constant search for financial resources to continue to keep their programs relevant within an ever changing world. Every year boards are asked to make choice between maintaining aging infrastructure and building new infrastructure and programs. The balance of these activities is often handed to each department head which is expected to come to the budget well with their tin cup requesting the necessary resources to ensure their respective departments can maintain relevance in the competitive world of every changing technology.

Often the department which is left with the smallest portion of every shrinking budget is the operations department. These departments are annually expected to reduce operating costs of building infrastructure in a world with escalating costs.

The IGNITE Program was designed to tackle this specific challenge by breathing new life into infrastructure which having neutral impact on operating budgets. This is achieved though the reduction of service costs with the injection of new equipment and technologies with a strategic long term vision.




We’re creating The New Way Forward. The IGNITE Infrastructure Association offers a member-driven non-profit collaboration platform, created to provide its members with access to the world’s leading expertise and resources in infrastructure enhancement and energy savings implementation.



Our mission is to pull together all the members and stakeholders who can create The New Way Forward, and connect their resources to provide the most innovative technologies, systems and solutions available globally.



Members not only enjoy access to a wealth of resources and collaboration opportunities both globally and locally, they gain access to the IGNITE Program – a member-driven initiative which is designed to deliver a tailored plan for any large-scale infrastructure or sustainability project.



Currently, membership is available at no-cost for organizations within the government, First Nations, education, and healthcare sectors. Simply contact us by phone or email to learn how to become an IGNITE Member.