First Nations

“First Nations are currently grappling with an infrastructure and housing deficit
on-reserve, which must be addressed to enhance economic development…”

The National Aboriginal Economic Development Board, July 2017

The Issue

First Nations people and leaders face the crippling financial challenges of escalating energy costs and aging infrastructure, which are negatively affecting community betterment.  Government funding for infrastructure and operations is not keeping pace with the need and has yearly shortfalls with no real comprehensive solutions available in the near term.


First Nations Infrastructure

Experts say the amount of infrastructure development required in First Nation communities across Canada exceeds $25 billion. This shortfall is staggering and is only getting worse.  Current methods of acquiring the use of new assets or refurbishing older assets are not meeting the current demand and are failing to achieve the expected goals. Acquiring the use of new or refurbished infrastructure has become next to impossible for First Nation communities in Canada. It is time for a completely new approach.


IGNITE First Nations Sustainable Communities Program

Created by IGNITE Infrastructure Association Inc, it is a revolutionary new approach to acquire the use of infrastructure assets by First Nation Communities.  Following years of development, the First Nations Sustainable Communities Program now provides a New Way Forward in implementing holistic and sustainable community development for First Nation Communities.  


How do First Nation Communities Benefit?
Designed specially for First Nations, the First Nations Sustainable Communities Program allows the community to:

  • Take control of doing what’s best for the community
  • Develop sustainable, long-term infrastructure plan approach
  • Take control of infrastructure costs
  • Attain cost certainty for infrastructure operation & maintenance
  • Remove many barriers from long term corporate planning
  • Address environmental issues


How does it work?

The IGNITE First Nations Sustainable Communities Program:

  • Provides complete turnkey development, design, build, finance, operate, and maintain infrastructure platform
  • Provides strategically engineered, fully financed, budget-conscious infrastructure improvement solutions.
  • Project needs are assessed and tailored through comprehensive energy and facilities auditing.  The project implementation strategy is collaboratively identified with First Nations leadership to deliver the most impact and the most advanced technologies and equipment.  All this is seamlessly overseen by a team of world-class project managers and installers.
  • Uses its membership to collaborate and develop comprehensive community infrastructure plans which consolidate First Nations capital projects.


First Nations Community Development

Although infrastructure and future operating cost stability are key components of the IGNITE First Nations Sustainable Communities Program, an equally important component to the IGNITE Program is community betterment. All decisions made within the program are influenced by how it impacts the social, economic, and environmental well-being of the community. For example, the creation of long term local jobs is one of the overarching principles of the IGNITE Program. Betterment of the First Nations community can be achieved through the strategic policies of the IGNITE Program where there is a collective benefit for all members with a dedication to community development.


The IGNITE First Nations Sustainable Communities Program is truly “The New Way Forward” in implementing sustainable First Nations infrastructure projects.


First Nations Sustainable Communities Ten-Year Blueprint

Many First Nations communities face numerous issues, which collectively are undermining their social, health, and financial well-being. To address these issues, some of these communities may opt for an entire community betterment program known as the First Nations Sustainable Community Ten-Year Blueprint. The goal of the Ten-Year Blueprint is to build capacity, to replace despair with hope, and to create an atmosphere of opportunity across an entire community.


The full Blueprint plan addresses a minimum of six elements over a minimum of ten-year period for a First Nations community:

  • Element 1 – Retrofit buildings
  • Element 2 – Long term energy planning
  • Element 3 – Building renewal
  • Element 4 – Economic development / business creation
  • Element 5 – Building social infrastructure
  • Element 6 – Community infrastructure update / renewal


The IGNITE First Nations Sustainable Communities Program may provide the delivery of the development, design, build, finance, operation, and maintenance to one or more of the Elements to the Ten-Year Blueprint plan for one First Nation.  Other partners will be added to the Community’s Blueprint as required.


Present solutions to address the layers of issues First Nations communities face currently are not keeping pace with the need.  Answers to these issues can no longer wait years. For many First Nations communities, now is the time for action.

A catalyst for change is needed!  A community-focused Ten-Year Blueprint is that catalyst.  For more information on both the IGNITE First Nations Sustainable Communities Program and the First Nations Sustainable Communities Ten-Year Blueprint contact us.




We’re creating The New Way Forward. The IGNITE Infrastructure Association offers a member-driven, collaborative nonprofit platform, created to provide its members with access to the world’s leading expertise and resources in infrastructure enhancement and energy savings implementation.



To be the new way forward for public organizations to efficiently renew and expand their infrastructure.



Members not only enjoy access to a wealth of resources and collaboration opportunities both globally and locally, they gain access to the IGNITE Program – a member-driven initiative which is designed to deliver a tailored plan for any large-scale infrastructure or sustainability project.



Currently, membership is available at no-cost for public organizations such as governments, First Nations, municipalities, schools, universities and other higher education institutions, and healthcare facilities. Simply contact us by phone or email to learn how to become an IGNITE Member.

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