Risk Mitigation

“Over the past hundred years, the global supply base has been split into all these little buckets
and everybody’s trying to avoid risk. It puts all kind of overhead and cost into the system
in order to not be the one holding the bag when something goes wrong.”

McKinsey & Company – November 2015

Regardless of the kind of public infrastructure asset being replaced or built, risk to your organization becomes very real if everything does not go as planned. To address the many different types of risk associated with the entire lifecycle of an infrastructure asset, IGNITE created a series of risk mitigation processes to manage or eliminate many of the traditional risks associated with acquiring the use of a public infrastructure asset.


The IGNITE Sustainable Communities Program offers a unique, long-term, risk mitigation solution that allows for stabilized and predictable budgets to be achieved over the life of an asset eliminating the uncontrollable variables so often experienced with equipment ownership. This unique program is exclusively offered to IGNITE members and is available immediately upon enrolment.


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We’re creating The New Way Forward. The IGNITE Infrastructure Association offers a member-driven, collaborative nonprofit platform, created to provide its members with access to the world’s leading expertise and resources in infrastructure enhancement and energy savings implementation.



To be the new way forward for public organizations to efficiently renew and expand their infrastructure.



Members not only enjoy access to a wealth of resources and collaboration opportunities both globally and locally, they gain access to the IGNITE Program – a member-driven initiative which is designed to deliver a tailored plan for any large-scale infrastructure or sustainability project.



Currently, membership is available at no-cost for public organizations such as governments, First Nations, municipalities, schools, universities and other higher education institutions, and healthcare facilities. Simply contact us by phone or email to learn how to become an IGNITE Member.