Waste Infrastructure

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.”

― Elon Musk

The Waste Need

Municipalities, governments, First Nations, and other public organizations around the globe are increasingly looking for alternatives to address their solid, liquid, oil, and hazardous waste needs. Many communities face landfill usage limitations and high trucking costs to transport municipal solid waste to distant locations.  Other communities welcome the alternative source of energy and revenue that waste-to-energy power systems provide. Whatever the reason, the demand for alternative waste infrastructure solutions has grown significantly during the last several years.



IGNITE is simply a tool which is used to create and manage infrastructure projects. It closely collaborates with public organizations to find the best methods to future-proof their waste infrastructure needs. Furthermore, IGNITE removes risk for politicians, governments, public organizations, and funding sources and pulls together all the necessary resources for project origination.  IGNITE’s focus for waste infrastructure includes solid waste disposal systems and facilities, liquid waste disposal systems and facilities, oil waste disposal systems and facilities, and hazardous waste disposal systems and facilities.




We’re creating The New Way Forward. The IGNITE Infrastructure Association offers a member-driven, collaborative nonprofit platform, created to provide its members with access to the world’s leading expertise and resources in infrastructure enhancement and energy savings implementation.



To be the new way forward for public organizations to efficiently renew and expand their infrastructure.



Members not only enjoy access to a wealth of resources and collaboration opportunities both globally and locally, they gain access to the IGNITE Program – a member-driven initiative which is designed to deliver a tailored plan for any large-scale infrastructure or sustainability project.



Currently, membership is available at no-cost for public organizations such as governments, First Nations, municipalities, schools, universities and other higher education institutions, and healthcare facilities. Simply contact us by phone or email to learn how to become an IGNITE Member.